Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MadBitcoins - Yumcoins Special Edition - only 0.01 BTC -- cheap!!

MadBitcoins is a daily youtube show that discusses the very exciting future of Bitcoin.   MadBitcoins Yumcoins Special Edition is your chance to support the show as well as to try out the exciting Yumcoin Files for Bitcoins exchange service.  It could be amazing for artists.  More information about MadBitcoins at or at MadBitcoins on Youtube.  Thanks for watching!

** While the embedded Youtube mentions this special edition, I want to make it clear that this special edition download is a completely new and original episode, downloadable only via Yumcoins, sold only via Bitcoins, for true MadBitcoins fans only.  Thank you for your support.  **