Monday, July 1, 2013

MadBitcoins Revised BitcoinStarter -- Donate today to send MadBitcoins on the Road!

Donate to MadBitcoins BitcoinStarter Today!

Been thinking alot about my BitcoinStarter, which is not something I did when I started it out.

When I started it, I just thought, oh neat, maybe I can earn a bitcoin.

but now I’m thinking about much much more.

I’ve been thinking about getting a small RV or a Van and wrapping it with my picture and the madbitcoins logo, with info about how to get bitcoins on the back informing every driver stuck behind me, and using this RV to go from town to town promoting bitcoins.  Hopefully meeting bitcoin internet friends everywhere I go and even crashing on a few couches.

1 Bitcoins - Successfull proof of concept.  Bitcoins can be used to support Artistic works on BitcoinStarter. Massive celebration about how awesome we are as a community.

25 Bitcoins - Behind the Scenes Show -- How does MadBitcoins get to be MadBitcoins?  I’ll setup a second camera and film myself filming myself.  Things could never get more meta.

75 Bitcoins - MadBitcoins in San Francisco -- I’ll rent a hall, print some fliers and we can have a real world MadBitcoins show in San Francisco (or somewhere near there).

100 Bitcoins - MadBitcoins on the Road (locally) -- MadBitcoins will do traveling shows, visiting small businesses and promoting bitcoins.  Within the local area.

200 Bitcoins - MadBitcoins the Bus -- I will buy an RV, van or small bus, get it professionally wrapped with the MadBitcoins logo and information about bitcoin and drive it from town to town,
covering a much larger area.

500 Bitcoins - MadBitcoins Goes Global -- Me, my laptop, camera and a plane ticket.  No need for green screens as MadBitcoins will be shooting from exotic locals and feature truly international bitcoining.

1000 Bitcoins -- Pays for my house, ends my debt slavery to the system, allows me to truly travel the world in style, probably hire some people to make the show better (probably transform the house into some kindof Bitcoin Utopia), build a monument to Bill Hicks, with enough bitcoins, anything is possible.