Thursday, July 4, 2013

Youtube is Broken -- Adam B. Levine (Bitcoin 2013 Conference)

Really enjoyed this video.  Hat tip to youtuber bidofthis for the suggestion.

I'm pretty much going to implement as many of his revenue producing suggestions as I can.  I didn't do all of these things at first because I didn't want to seem like a whore (esp avoided the putting the QR code on the videos all the time, kinda thought it was over the top, but now I want to do it to provide convenience, so that if you ever get the desire to tip from your phone, you can just be like BAM! tip!  But I also have subscribe buttons now from CoinBase, so if you want to tip a regular amount every month and help me turn this into a job, that'd be cool too.  Just want to put the options out there, sorry if it's too much and seems like a whore.  Am more inspired to do all this stuff by Levine's suggestions, so if it goes too far, he gets a share of the blame.  That said if it works, a share of the credit is also his.)

Here's what I've been working on so far:  

- Amazon Wish List (buy items for MadBitcoins)
- Amazon Associates Link (buy items for you and MadBitcoins gets a cut)
- Join Amazon Prime ($2.00)

- Signed up for Audibile, but haven't heard back.

I'm going to add a QR code to my videos, and probably to this site as well and I've already got the awesome CoinBase subscription buttons.  Thanks for watching MadBitcoins and thanks for Donating!  I've never had a creative project that broke even on the internet before, so this is very exciting for me.  I'm also having a great time doing the show, and would love to do it as a job, if you, the internet, my patrons wish to support me.  Thank you for your patronage.  You have exquisite taste.