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This year, MadBitcoins has supported the Bitcoin community by making videos. Now it’s time to Support MadBitcoins. Our goal is to raise 1.5 BTC ($15,000) so that MadBitcoins can pay his bills. If we had 3 Sponsors ($5,000) this fundraiser would be over.

Please help us get 3 bitcoin companies to sponsor and support MadBitcoins.
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     Dear {Bitcoin Company}, @MadBitcoins has been supporting Bitcoin by making videos since 2013, will you support his #MBAF fundraiser by donating $5,000?

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Thank you so much for your support. I had a great time making videos for you this year, and I hope to make many more in 2020. — Thomas (Mad Bitcoins)

Youtube User BitcoinReviewNews Steals Videos

Youtube User BitcoinReviewNews Steals Videos.  They have two of my videos on their page right now (they took down the MadBitcoins videos, but they should really examine what they are doing.  If they have good intentions and wish to improve bitcoin, they should just open up a blog where they could link to videos and embed them as much as they like (or make their own videos).  Or just create a playlist on youtube, and DJ your own video channels.  There are endless opportunities for creativity on the internet, but downloading other people's videos and then re-uploading them with your own donation information, where the only change that you're making is to add your donation information (often replacing the original creator's donation information -- just realized Youtube needs an integrated bitcoin tip system!).  If you want to be a curator of video, curate it and ask for donations, explain the high quality of your curated video and  add value to it.  Add value to the internet.  Be part of the good.), I also believe the rest of their videos were stolen.  If you own any bitcoin videos, they may have been stolen by BitcoinReviewNews and re-uploaded to youtube.  Stealing other people's content and then attempting to profit on it is truly the lowest form of scum.

Please report any MadBitcoins videos that are not on the MadBitcoins channel to MadBitcoins so that we can contact youtube to have them taken down.  I work very hard on my videos and am very angry to see them stolen and re-uploaded.  Thank you for your help in tracking down these scofflaws.

Youtube User BitcoinReviewNews Steals Videos