Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Zany Newsman Is The Stephen Colbert Of Bitcoin (altered text)

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This Zany Newsman Is The Stephen Colbert Of Bitcoin (altered text)

Meet the anti-Cramer: cryptocurrency's six-minute, bug-eyed news anchor.

by David Lumb

Traditional media can't seem to make heads or tails of Bitcoin, but its value continues to rise and new cryptocurrencies join the fold every day. A community of enthusiast bloggers, podcasters, and YouTube channels have emerged to tell Bitcoin's story in lieu of the mainstream sources--and the Mad Hatter of Bitcoin is pretty hard to beat. 

With a puffy top hat, bug-eyed goggles, and mesmerizing monotone, Thomas Hunt spouts the news from every corner of the Bitcoinverse in a daily video digest in the opposite of Jim Cramer style. 

In the nascent ecosystem of Bitcoin reporting, Hunt says he saw a lot of long coverage but no bite-sized digest. He is no economist. He doesn’t need to be. He takes his role as a silly newsman with more responsibility than reverence. After missing out on the spike last April that saw Bitcoin leap from $200 to $250 in a day, Hunt posted the first episode of MadBitcoins to clue people in on the Bitcoin game. 

Lasting the length of two or three songs, each episode of MadBitcoins is less daunting than other cryptocurrency shows like the hour-long Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast. While other shows debate the logistics and ethos of Bitcoin, MadBitcoins is content to deliver a bulleted list of cryptocurrency headlines. 

While he discusses his cryptocurrency preferences and purchases in the show, Hunt refuses to endorse or tell his viewers to buy or sell. Bitcoin pundits who do recommend particular coins could bepumping and dumping, encouraging viewers to buy a certain coin so the pundit (and friends) can sell off at a high price. 

Hunt hopes to fill the gap for viewers who also take Bitcoin seriously. He started The Bitcoin Group, a weekly Friday videocast featuring Let’s Talk Bitcoin’s Adam B. Levine, technologist and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Bitcoin Not Bombs’ M. K. Lords, and other enthusiasts for a roundtable Bitcoin talk--all sources you should check out once you've mastered this lovable weirdo's intro course.