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This year, MadBitcoins has supported the Bitcoin community by making videos. Now it’s time to Support MadBitcoins. Our goal is to raise 1.5 BTC ($15,000) so that MadBitcoins can pay his bills. If we had 3 Sponsors ($5,000) this fundraiser would be over.

Please help us get 3 bitcoin companies to sponsor and support MadBitcoins.
Send them this message on twitter (be polite please):

     Dear {Bitcoin Company}, @MadBitcoins has been supporting Bitcoin by making videos since 2013, will you support his #MBAF fundraiser by donating $5,000?

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Thank you so much for your support. I had a great time making videos for you this year, and I hope to make many more in 2020. — Thomas (Mad Bitcoins)

Tips for ChangeTip

Tips for ChangeTip: "For there are many indications that ChangeTip just doesn't get why the way it conducts its business might raise eyebrows. The very first sentence from the ChangeTip CEO is quite telling: "I feel like we're a charity getting yelled at."

What's wrong with this? Well: ChangeTip is no charity. At the very root of almost every one of their problems lies the fact that they are a for-profit corporation, engaged in profit-seeking behaviors at the expense of a wider community."