Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Send MadBitcoins to the Texas Bitcoin Conference with Lighthouse Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Send MadBitcoins to Texas!

MadBitcoins is a Daily YouTube Show about Bitcoin and we need your help!

We've been invited to cover the Texas Bitcoin Convention in March, but we have no funding.  With your help, MadBitcoins could attend the conference and provide the same Live tweets, Vines and Interviews that you enjoyed from the Miami Bitcoin Conference, Money2020 in Vegas, Bitcoin in the Beltway and Porcfest.

Please donate to send MadBitcoins to Texas and help us demonstrate the success of this new Bitcoin crowdfunding platform Lighthouse.

Current Cost Estimate:
Flight + Hotel + Expenses = $1500

Conference takes place March 29-30, 2015

Thank you for your donations.

If you choose to send me to Texas, it will be an honor to report for you.

More information about MadBitcoins:


How to use Lighthouse to donate to our project:

1. Download Lighthouse

2. Download "Send MadBitcoins to Texas Project"

3. Import the project into Lighthouse

4. Send Bitcoins to your "Lighthouse Wallet"

5. Pledge the Bitcoins to the "Send MadBitcoins to Texas Project" and other projects that use Lighthouse.