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This year, MadBitcoins has supported the Bitcoin community by making videos. Now it’s time to Support MadBitcoins. Our goal is to raise 1.5 BTC ($15,000) so that MadBitcoins can pay his bills. If we had 3 Sponsors ($5,000) this fundraiser would be over.

Please help us get 3 bitcoin companies to sponsor and support MadBitcoins.
Send them this message on twitter (be polite please):

     Dear {Bitcoin Company}, @MadBitcoins has been supporting Bitcoin by making videos since 2013, will you support his #MBAF fundraiser by donating $5,000?

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Thank you so much for your support. I had a great time making videos for you this year, and I hope to make many more in 2020. — Thomas (Mad Bitcoins)

ProTip, Rewarding Artists With Bitcoin - BTCFEED

ProTip, Rewarding Artists With Bitcoin - BTCFEED: "An open-source Bitcoin tipping platform called ProTip, is attempting to revolutionize how artists are rewarded for their hard work. The ProTip application is a browser plugin, and works by scanning every website you visit for Bitcoin wallet IDs. For example, if you watch a YouTube video and the author has placed their Bitcoin address in the description of the video –  the ProTip app will automatically pick up the address and highlight it. All that is required from the artist’s side – is to place their Bitcoin address anywhere on a page displaying their work. The ProTip plugin tracks how much time a user has spent viewing someone’s work, and at the end of the week, disburses a payment to the author’s Bitcoin address."

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