Friday, May 8, 2015

On the Hunt for Big Game in Bitcoin - Thomas Hunt and BTCjam part ways

quadruples BTCjam blog traffic after hiring me.png
BTCjam’s blog experienced 4x the traffic of their previous entire year... in just three months.

Quad. Rupled. Numbers. Those are the results of Mad Bitcoins host Thomas Hunt’s tenure as Community Manager and Featured Blogger at BTCjam. Having set the company on a path to improved public image, social network footprint and user outreach, Hunt moves forward, in pursuit of new challenges in the bitcoin space.  

“I am incredibly proud of the achievements we made together at BTCjam during my time there.  It was great to promote bitcoin lending, but it’s time for me to move on.”  Hunt said.  

followers BTCjam Twitter followers after hiring me copy.png
see that S shaped curve?  That’s what happened when BTCjam hired Thomas Hunt

During Hunt’s time at BTCjam he more than doubled their Twitter followers, quadrupled their blog traffic from the previous year and caused a fifty percent increase in blog subscribers.  Hunt also helped BTCjam focus on security and customer service, expanding their two-factor authentication program to include Authy while raising 2FA usage across the platform 24% in just three months.

Does your company need help with it’s public image and social media profile?  Want to quadruple your numbers -- the sky is the limit. Contact Thomas Hunt at

PS: I'd also like to thank the BTCjam Facebook communities for being so welcoming to me and for giving me the chance to be a part of their community. I wish you guys the best with your loans and investments. Especially Jammers United, BTCjam Monitor, BTCjam (Brazil), BTCjam (Espanol), Crypto Investments Group and BTCjam. Thank you.