Friday, June 5, 2015

MadBitcoins Featured in The Bitcoin 500

Hotboxing the car we drove up to a local comedy club/vapor lounge. Other Bitcoiners were there. They reasoned if enough Bitcoiners would flashmob to a location the Bitcoin 500 could not resist passing by and showing off their cars and they were right.

There was the Tesla with the Bitpay license plate, the Mercedes with the Bitcoin license plate, the Lotus with the Bitcoin plate. There was a crowd of people around all the cars on display. We waded through the crowd in search of our upper echelon drug supplier, deeper in to the vapor lounge in to a private VIP area. Sitting in a large booth surrounded by women was a guy in some sort of top hat wearing oil rainbow colored sunglasses.

I pointed at him and exclaimed “Holy shit! You’re the MadBitcoins Guy!”