Friday, December 4, 2015

How to Restore Twitter's Notifications Button to the #2 Position by using Adblock to block Moments

Sorry Twitter.  I hate to do this, but changing the button order to push moments is not the answer.  I know this fix will reduce moments usage, but you drove us to this.  I am a loyal twitter user for years, I even own your worthless stock.  But I feel I have no choice, but to publish these instructions.

These instructions are for Chrome/Mac. (should work on Chrome/anywhere)

Click here to skip to Firefox Instructions

1. Install Adblock Plus
- no doubt you already have, but just in case.

2. Right Click on the Moments button on Twitter, select Adblock, Block this ad

3. Adjust the slider one click to the right

4. Uncheck the the top two boxes, but check the third box to block moments.

5. Press "Block It" 

Your toolbar will now be restored to the way it should be.  I am very sad that Twitter made us do this to their new project Moments, which was not offensive until they tried to shove it in their user's face.  Let this be a lesson to all those who think they will get users to click on something by tricking them.  It is a mistake.  

Firefox Instructions

3. Click ABP -> Select an element to hide

4.  Click on Moments, so it draws a box around the icon and the word

5. Check the "data-nave: moments" box

6. Click "Add element hiding rule"


Thanks to everyone who wrote in, helping me to understand the necessity of expanding this tutorial.  Again, Twitter.  I'm sorry it has come to this, but re-arranging the buttons to make people accidentally click on moment is not the way to make it popular.  The way to make it popular is to scrap it, and give us news feeds actually related to who we follow.  That app is called Nuzzel, they do a great job, and I don't profit at all by this, but Twitter, you should buy Nuzzel (and of course restore the proper button order.  Thanks!) -- also if you need more out of the box thinking, I am in SF and would be glad to meet with your team.